The MAIN thing you should know is: NO FREEWAY GOES THE GOOD WAY!


I was a broadcast journalist for over 30 years, starting at a station in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and worked for 26 years for KSAZ-TV, FOX10 News in Phoenix, Arizona. I retired from TV to devote full time to travel writing.

I started in the business covering stories about highway accidents, murders, fires and assorted mayhem. Early on I convinced my bosses at KSAZ-TV I REALLY ought to be doing stories about "Real People." And real places...not those far-off places with politicians and presidents and movie stars...things most of us will never come in contact with.

At the time, we were a CBS affiliate and my hero then, and now, was Charles Kuralt. We patterned what I was going to do after his long-running ON THE ROAD series and called it ON THE ARIZONA ROAD. Over more than two decades ON THE ARIZONA ROAD evolved into a chronicle of exploration in Arizona and the Southwest.

These are my stories. Who knows where the best dinosaur bones are? Why is there still a Glacier in Nevada, of all places? Did that lady really buy the Leadville Railroad for 10 dollars and can you still get a ticket to ride? What's it like to ride some of the wildest white water in the world, through one of the seven wonders of the world? And where is the loneliest highway in the U.S. and what do you do while waiting for rush hour?

These are my stories. All these stories and all these miles are my credentials. I have a lot to share. I like to say, "No freeway goes the good way." I like to explore the places you never see from a freeway and talk to the folks. These are my credentials. I hope you like the adventures.

We are not food or hotel critics and don't try to be. Some places WE like, others might not. That bowl of soup we thought was great, you might think they got out of the dishwasher. We ARE experienced travelers, though, and you can get a pretty good feel of what we...personally... think about a place by the tone of the story. We realize that waiters and clerks and businesses have bad days, but usually find that when you go back a second time, things are pretty normal.
Really horrible acts of bad service or personal conduct will be reported.
After 35 years as journalists, we have come to the conclusion that most editorials ought to be written about government (PARTICULARLY Federal Land Managers) and really BIG (PARTICULARLY Mainstream Environmental) organizations that use public money. So, look to see us rant and rave about them occasionally. Editorials can also say good things about people.

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"With the completion of the Interstate Freeway System, it became possible to travel all the way across the country, from coast-to-coast, and never see a thing...." Charles Kuralt

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