This video traces the history of Arizona through women who recorded pieces of their lives in their needlework. This program presents a vivid picture of Arizona's rugged pioneer life.The brave women who came to the Arizona territory in the 1800s brought with them all the skills they learned from their mothers and grandmothers. These women raised families, started schools and organized churches; they also carried on the American tradition of quiltmaking. The colorful patterns of their quilts added a spot of brightness to their homes and lives. Unlike most of the chores that filled a woman's life, the work of making a quilt rewarded her with a tangible creation that could be used, admired and passed on to future generations. ARIZONA QUILTS introduces some of the women who pioneered in Arizona. Their stories are told through letters, family history, interviews with descendants, and their colorful quilts.

This program features quilts discovered by the Arizona Quilt Project; a non-profit organization created to document the history of quilts made before 1940 now in Arizona.

This professional quality video was produced by Pam Stevenson, a long-time video producer in the American Southwest. It is 30 minutes in length.

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