This is a side trip that doesn't cost anything but a little effort while you're at Lake Powell in Northern Arizona. It's a 3/4 mile hike from the parking area, which is just off highway 89 south of Page.

Horse Shoe Bend is another of Mother Nature's little tricks in a whole world of sandstone and slick rock tricks that result in some of the weirdest, and neatest, formations in the west. This is Glen Canyon and the Colorado River downstream from Glen canyon Dam, which holds back Lake Powell. It is within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. And it's worth taking a camera.

Drive about 4 miles south of Page on 89 to a short blacktop road that goes off to the west. It's 2 tenths of a mile south of mile marker 545. If you're a GPS nut, the turn-off is: N 36-52-38.2, W 111-30-03.9. The view point is: N 36-52-34.1, W 111-30-38.25. Once you get to the coordinates for the viewpoint, we strongly advise you not to go any farther west...there's a 500 foot drop. The trail only goes to the top of the canyon, there is no way down to the river that we know of...unless you have a parachute and a death wish.

The trail has some steep ups and downs and some deep sand. Even those in the worst of shape, though, can make it if you take your time. For Pete's sake, watch the little kids at the edge.

Take the widest lens you have to shoot pictures. The above pic was taken with a fisheye lens. The best time of day, when the sun is on the complete curve of the river, is between about noon and 2 PM.

Finally, the pic below is of the sign as you leave the parking lot and start up the trail. For as long as I can remember, the saying has always been, "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints." Classy, to the point, a little poetic, and we all know what it means. However, some Fed with too little to do has changed it to what you see on the sign.

There will be none of that poetic nonsense at this park.