The place is down in the shadow of Apache Leap Mountain, which is a story you ought to ask about while you're here, here is just as you're coming into Superior and it's called Buckboard City...home of the World's Smallest Museum.

Jake Reaney is a co-curator and if he has time will take you on a guided tour of the museum... which really doesn't take too much of his time.

"We call this booth quill pen to the information age." Another booth, they're small. "Film and movie booth. Music booth, right here. Yesterday's kitchen."

Of course the area is known for it's abundance of a mineral they call Apache Tears, a sort of black, glassy rock, and while this may be the world's SMALLEST museum, it houses the world's LARGEST Apache Tear. Fifteen hundred carats of apache tear, to be exact. There aren't any armed guards, the real worth of this gem is the bragging rights.

Another superlative is outside, the world's largest sign made out of Anheuser Busch beer cans...

Outside we are looking at the west-facing, A-frame roof of the World's Smallest Museum. "It's made out of 1800 beer cans. World's largest sign made out of beer cans. It spells out 'Museum.' We had a committee of 3 who drank the beer and they're all in rehab now. No, actually, we're all doing fine."

The museum is actually pretty classy in the world's smallest way. There are 10 sections that trace, lightly, 100 years of local area history...

"A lot of people will see's smallest museum...and think it's a gimmick. But it's not, it's a real museum. We're very proud of it."

So come visit and, if nothing else, find out why they're called Apache Tears.



The World's Smallest Museum is on Highway 60, on the south side of the road just as you're coming into Superior from Phoenix. It's in a complex called Buckboard City. There are antique and curio shops and the Buckboard Restaurant, home of the most atrociously misspelled (deliberately: "Aigg zaludd sanwich") menu you'll ever see.

Open every day, the museum is free but there is a donation box you might drop a buck into.

Gotta' talk? Call 520-689-5800

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